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Hi, I am Jo and this is my blog about my life. Here you will find entries on cooking, gardening, food safety and the interesting things happening in my search for a frugal way of living. My home is located in South Florida and I live with my husband in a family neighborhood. This is the sub tropics so my garden and season may be a bit different than yours. I look forward to seeing what you have to say as time passes. Read on and have a beautiful day!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wild and crazy!

Sometimes, I just want to be wild and crazy. Most of the time I am a normal, stressed out working wife and grandma.

Please, don't mistake me- I have an amazing life, a great husband and a home many can envy. Every once in while it would be good to shake things up.  The most exciting thing in my life lately was running a 5K on Thanksgiving. That was OK but not anything insanely crazy. It was not even spur of the moment as I freakin' had to train to be able to finish.

The last time we tried spur of the moment we wanted to take the RV to Koreshan State Historic site for a few days. It was booked- nothing open til January. Seriously. Nothing at any of the local parks. We stayed home and got caught up on life.

There was a time, many moons ago, that I would poke my finger at a map and just get in my car and drive. I went on vacations alone, I went camping, I took day trips to festivals that sounded good or to towns I had never been to before. After all who hasn't been to Why Not, N.C.? Great artsy place it you have an inkling for a day trip.

The mind boggling part? I knew it wasn't forever and dreamed of a home with a loving husband and a garden. Seriously- a garden. Of course it was some big macho mountain man and we were going to live in Alaska, (I had the cabin plans all picked out) and survive on our homestead. Sigh- and I would have chickens. It was a very updated Little House on the Prairie- Little Cabin on the Tundra maybe? But with Chickens, don't forget the chickens.

Somehow, I ended up with a better man than I could have dreamed of, a 3 bedroom in the burbs in Florida and a garden. No snow, no fireplace, no chickens and not at bad at all. That is how it worked out. Now there is no desire for Alaska except maybe to visit and I am ok with having a store a few miles away.

Maybe now we just need to plan a little more wild and crazy- minus the youthful hangovers. Or maybe my wild and crazy now is joining a permaculture group and working towards finishing a half marathon. Someday I can look back and say, "There was a time many moons ago that I had a garden........."

What is your wild and crazy??