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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Putting Food By- Canning Peppers

10 1/2 quarts of pickled peppers

Yesterday my mom and dad came over and mom and I spent a couple of hours canning peppers. My husband and I really like  hot peppers that have been pickled in a bread and butter pickling liquid. I use my grandparents pickle recipe and substitute peppers for cucumbers.  Yum!!!

We washed a case of peppers I got from a local produce stand and cut off the stem end and took out most of the seeds. Then I pulled out the the 15 year old Cuisinart and sliced them thin. I also peeled and sliced 4 large white onions  We had a dish pan full as well as a large enamel coated pot full of sliced peppers. I used roughly a total of a 1/2 cup pickling salt and mixed it into the sliced pepper and onion mixture.  These we let sit while we got all of the canning equipment together and made the brine.

To make the pickling liquid you will need :

1 Qt. Vinegar
5 Cups Sugar
2 tbsp. Mustard Seed
1 tbsp. Celery Seed
1 tsp. Turmeric
1 tbsp. Dried Ginger or about 1/2 inch Grated Fresh Ginger 

Combine all ingredients and bring to a simmer. 

Pack sliced peppers and onions into cleaned and sterilized jars. Remember to leave a 1 inch head space. Cover sliced peppers with pickling liquid and use a knife to release the air bubbles on the side of the jars. Top with sterilized canning flats and secure rings onto jars until they are hand tight. Process in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Remove from water and set out to cool. Do not move jars for 24 hours so they may seal tightly. Check your jars to make sure all of the lids have sealed. If they have not either reprocess or place in the fridge to be used immediately.  

A word of caution- If you decide to can  hot peppers, please, wear gloves throughout the process as the oils from the peppers can burn hours after the fact.       

These peppers are great on salads, sandwiches, pizza and they make a great crock pot Italian beef.



  1. I never thought of using hot peppers instead of the cukes in bread and butter pickles! It sounds yummy and my gosh, wouldn;t that make great Christmas gifts?? I bet that;d be good on a cracker with some cream cheese.....

  2. I bet it would be great with cream cheese too :).
    I don't know what made me think to try it a few years ago. They are so much better than the sweet hot peppers you get in the store.

    I will have to try it. I neglected to mention in the post that the amount of pickling liquid the recipe makes is good for about 10 pints.


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