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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back to the Blog

I have been away from the blog for a couple of weeks as I had surgery and quite honestly, until today, I could have cared less about blogging or much else for that matter. My days have been spent sleeping on the couch, sleeping in the bedroom with fits and starts of activity mixed in.  The first week home was just a blur of discomfort and painkillers. For some reason the first few days out of the hospital I felt exceedingly happy but it is all a little fuzzy looking back and with anesthesia who knows.

Before I went to the hospital I had all of these amazing plans for my off time before I went back to work. I was going to can and preserve all kinds of garden stuff, make jam for coworkers gifts, organize Christmas and order everyone's Christmas gifts online. Not to mention wrap all of the awesome gifts I purchased.  Rob was going to have a good dinner every night and we could play scrabble in the evening. (Yes, I am a dork I like scrabble!). I am sure that you will be shocked to know how little of that actually occurred.

I managed to can 1 small batch of tomatilla salsa and slept most of the entire next day. I ordered exactly 1 gift online and it still is not here. I did however order myself some random stuff from Lehman's like a new mop and some killer dishcloths.  Jelly for coworkers, not yet and as for wrapping gifts you can't wrap what you don't have. Rob has had to cook more often than not and when I have cooked it has been enough to couch me for the rest of the evening. As for scrabble, well we reorganized the back room and I can not even find the game even if I could get my amazing hubby to play.

I have about a week until I have to return to my job and am still sleeping and resting a lot. Apparently, I can walk a lot but no real lifting for a while yet. I get a little stir crazy, work for a while then collapse. I am just looking forward to doing a little yoga and actually working in the garden instead of just gazing at it.

Now I am off too nap and a walk later.
Hugs to all!!



  1. Well, sleep all you can because it is very healing for your body. Little spurts of activity do much towards rebuilding your stamina. Surgery and drugs sap you of that. I'm sure Rob doesn't mind pinch-hitting. We mustn't make him feel like he isn't needed!

    Keep taking good care of yourself, it will pay off in faster total recovery and no complications. Above all, be well. HUGS

  2. Thank you Ilene!!! I am back to work on Monday so, sadly,the resting is almost over. I must admit it was lovely to simply sit down when I was tired instead of constantly working like I always do.
    Hugs back to you!!!!


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