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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pyrex Addiction!!!

Just a few pieces of Pyrex- with out new vintage 1960's thrift store fan 
I have a confession...I am addicted to Vintage Pyrex, The funkier the better. And I am sucking my husband into my addiction through the gateway drug of ...gasp...Fire King Vintage Coffee Cups. Fire king was the Anchor Hocking version of Pyrex/ Corelle. Yes, it is true, my plates are Corelle as well :)

Fire King Glassware

Ahh, Pyrex, Vintage Pyrex,,,,sigh!

There is nothing better than the retro glass. Microwave safe, oven safe and  dishwasher safe. Mine rarely sees the dishwasher as that can wear the finish. 

Pyrex is always in use in our house. They are not just collector pieces. A thought that would terrify any serious collector. The bowls are used to mix cookie dough, the dishes bake meatloaf and cornbread and at any given tine there are several Pyrex containers of food in the fridge.    

The pieces I covet and do not own are the colored mixing bowls like my grandmother had when I was a child. 4 bright primary colors in graduated sizes. It would tie in to my eclectic mix of Pyrex chaos in the cupboard. I am hinting for Christmas so we shall see. (He reads this sometimes so I may stand a chance). Actually any Pryex will work.

What is your secret...or not so secret addiction......



  1. My mom had those bowls. She used the big yellow one the most, for mixing bread dough to holding potato salad. I love Pyrex, too, but I don't have very much of it. I've seen the bowl sets at flea markets and in antique stores but they are very expensive.

    Your pictures aren't showing, just the URL....


  2. Oh, wow. I don't know why there are no pictures?? So sorry!!
    We buy most of the Pyrex at thrift stores where people have no idea of the value. The most we have paid for any of it was a unique covered casserole at $35.00 in an antique store. Everything else is a couple dollars.


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