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Friday, January 4, 2013

Babies, Beans and Bursting with Gratitude!

Almost three weeks ago we welcomed a newborn grandson into the family and today we welcomed his new baby boy cousin! Our cup runneth over. 2013 is the year for babies!

Babies are such a beautiful gift. Babies are hope personified. Holding both of them it feels like my heart simply can't get any bigger. Both of them join 3 year old siblings at home who caused me to feel similarly at their births.            

There is no way to even top the feelings of being around a new baby and watching the proud and loving parents hold such a tiny infant and marvel at their perfection. For all babies are perfect and all are beautiful to behold.

So my afternoon was spent quietly at home reading then planting beans in the garden. While digging in the cool moist earth my mind and my heart kept going back to the two little ones and their adorable brother and sister. Precious and innocent, my gratitude for having them in our lives is limitless.

There is really nothing more to add but a large sigh of contentment!



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