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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Learning to Sew

The last few months have been busy - when isn't it busy around here? And what did I do in response to all of the busyness? Went and added a new hobby.

It was all by accident. Whilst surfing the "interwebs" there appeared in front of me a sewing blog. It was mesmerizing. Here was a woman who could sew, yet best of all her items did not look homemade. They looked polished, refined and very well executed. It was all so intriguing.

As I hopped from blog to blog a glimmer of a thought suggested that, maybe, just maybe, this is something I could do. After all my valances and curtains had turned out well and my progression to custom pillows and slipcovers was better than passable. If this was sewing, than this I could do.(Insert evil laugh here).

Ummm. yeah.......then reality set in. Highschool Home Ec happened to skip the part about adjusting patterns to accomodate "the girls" when they are a bit larger than the accpted pattern friendly "B" cup. At an "E" there was no pattern that could accomodate them AND fit the rest of me without being too large. What to do???

The aforementioned blogs led me to Colette Patterns. https://www.colettepatterns.com/  an absolutley wonderful site for a beginner sewist. Personally, I love the word sewist. It is used on the sewing blogs in place of the term "seamstress." So I am stealing and using the term. Sewist- that is me.

Colette Patterns has a couple of free patterns to get a beginner going and comfortable with basic concepts.These are PDF documents that one can print and use immediately. Additionally, Sarai Mitnik, the talent behind Colette has written, "The Colette Sewing Handbook- Inspired Styles and Classic Techniques for the New Seamstress," Beacuse the book is so well done the use of the word "seamstress" in the title is forgiven. The book covers everything from adjusting for "the girls" a.k.a "the full bust adjustment" to using a muslin to fit the pattern to yourself prior to sewing the final product. Let me share that I adore this book. It has barely left my side since Amazon dropped it on my doorstep several weeks ago. With it I have made 2 blouses that not only fit they are comfortable.

I have a picture of my favorite shirt a Black and white Swiss Dot Sorbetto Tank top on my I-phone and for some reason they can not be seen if I load them into Blogger through the computer.  I am going to try to load one as a separate item from my phone to the blog

Next up is the Colette Meringue Skirt followed by the Colette Crepe Wrap Dress. I am also salivating over some Vintage Vogue dresses! Maybe someday.

Pictures to follow as the items are completed. Happy Wednesday to all-


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