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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning is nice,quiet calm and peaceful. Sleeping in once in a while is such a relaxing gift. 

Later, my older brother and parents will be coming over and we will go to the club where my husband works to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner. With Rob working every year it is hard to really enjoy myself over a good portion of the Holidays. He is busy the week before as well as the week after, with very little down time to relax. It is peak season and this is when all of the money is to be made to cover the slower parts of the year.
Thus he works, a lot, from November through Easter!

This time of year is the time I am free to follow whatever hobbies catch my fancy. With Rob at work I have to have something to occupy my time other than watching t.v. and eating. Most likely this year that will include, running, blogging and sewing and a good bit of gardening and canning thrown in for good measure. After all this is peak growing season here in SW Florida.

A lot of my time has been spent sewing the past couple of months. Thus far a skirt, 3 blouses and a child's apron have been completed. Next up is a pair of cigarette pants and a remake of a dress purchased at the thrift store. Pictures to follow on another post (Once the camera is located).   

Today, gratitude is on my mind. Looking around the country and around the world we are so incredibly blessed. At times it is easy to forget how bountiful my life truly is at the present time.  My life includes a loving family, food on the table and in the pantry as well as a roof over my head. On top of that there is a career that is challenging and provides room for growth, a life in a subtropical paradise and my health. Even if my health is not always great we have the extreme luxury of medicine and sick days. For many people these are not realities these are the things that they can only dream of having in the future. So I am so profoundly grateful for what we have today. 

May we be grateful today for all that we have and remember that no matter how "bad" our life seems at the moment, someone, somewhere would love to be in our shoes. Below is a link to one of my favorite local charities!


May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!


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