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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A little more positive!

This morning while perusing online I noticed that I was starting to feel abit blue. After stopping to ponder why, it came to me that everything that has been in front of me over the past few days has been exceedingly negative. The news of the Ferguson riots, highly politicized arguments, Black Friday consumerism, the Bill Cosby rape allegations, racial tensions across the country.....the list is endless. The media takes all of these negative issues and spins them to make them even worse (if that is possible) and that promotes tension between differing parties.

News Flash! There is more than one viewpoint of value for so many of these issues facing us today. WHY do we insist that our views are the only views with value? WHY do we not stop and listen? Everyone is shouting down, or in some cases burning down, everyone else and nothing is being accomplished. It makes everything seem futile.

To combat this obscene amount of negativity being funnelled at us I am focusing on the positive. I will be adding positive news to my feed on Facebook, reading inspirational materials and posting positive posts here on Blogger. Here is a favorite photo to start off on a "positive" note.




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