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Monday, January 18, 2016

Spending the day...

Since today is MLK Day the state did not require me to work. Fortunately, after a long week and a bit of family medical drama I had a day at home to recoup. My one and only granddaughter came over to keep me company while her little brother was napping. She is 6 and full of questions as well as energy and she is adored by her grandmother- me!

We got to spend the afternoon talking , drinking hot cocoa, sewing and taking a run around the block. What is it about the unmitigated candor of a 6 year old that is simple, refreshing and oh, so earnest?  She shared her concerns about a new baby coming into the family, laughed about her little brother and was ever so solemn about her friends at school. If I could live like that every day- Sigh. She is always present in the moment and notices things that we adults seem to ignore or take for granted. Having her or her brother around forces me to stop and appreciate the things I might normally miss, like a butterfly shaped cloud or the joy of a small child running as fast as she can.

There was time when I would try to do housework, or laundry while the kids were here and I was never quite content, the kids would get grumpy and after they would leave I was exhausted. It took me a bit to figure out that the laundry will wait and that the kids really do benefit from my undivided attention. If something absolutely has to get done keeping them involved is crucial. Today, however, the laundry waited as did working on a to do list 12 items long while we both  played, swapped funny stories and jogged around the neighborhood. The best part is I am relaxed, happy and ever so grateful for the little ones that share my life. the words are really trite, but the sentiment is apt, "LIFE IS GOOD!"

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