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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Food IS love!

Another blogger I adore wrote about food and providing it for loved ones. See the sidebar. It struck a chord. An idea has been niggling in the back of my mind for several weeks. Food is love.

In Jo's world, Food IS love.

If someone is sick - I offer food. Soup or juice to help feed thier ailing bodies. Nothing is better that getting hot soup when one can barely move from the couch or bed.

If family is visiting it may be simply offering snacks and beverages as a form of hospitality.

When there is a death, there is no asking, one simply shows up with food for comfort for the bereaved.

A new baby produces a couple freezer meals or a roast chicken to help out the exhausted new parents.

A holiday is a feast! A chaotic time of joy and sharing. Gifts of glistening jars of jam are handed out each year to friends and family. Holiday dinners center aroubnd hours of cooking traditional and not so traditional foods.

When my husband, the chef, works late, I try to make him dinner. It is warmth and love waiting for him when he comes home after cooking for everyone else.

My garden provides love in it's purest form. Fresh, safe foods that are amazing to eat.

The foods I make for family and friends are an expression of who I am and how much I care about them and thier wellbeing. When I cook, I think about who I am cooking for and what nourishment this food can provide them- for both body and soul. Many times it is hard to express how we feel in a hard situation. I express a lot through food.

In Jo's world, food IS love.  


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